Yes God Wellness 

Steam Coach Certification



Facilitate Deep and Transformative Healing in Yourself and Others

Whether you are already a holistic practitioner looking to add another healing modality to your repertoire, or if you would like to start your own womb steaming practice, the Yes God Wellness Steam Coach Certification Program will provide you with the training you need to offer the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of steaming to your clients.

This comprehensive certification program covers everything from herbs, their properties and uses, all the way to the energetic potential and implication of steaming.

This certification will empower you to facilitate DEEP, TRANSFORMATIVE healing in your clients.

You can expect to walk away with all the knowledge you need to establish your own practice, as well as increasing your earning  potential by at least $5,000 - $10,000 a month.

The Womb = Center of Creation

The womb space is our center, our deep well of being. Indeed, it is the place where every person on this earth was created, but it is also the birthplace of our ideas, dreams, and visions. It holds deep emotional meaning, and, when not in balance, can manifest great physical discomfort and dis-ease.


The womb space holds  memories and secrets long after we experience them. It is a storage space emotions and traumas.


This Steam Coach Certification will provide you with the tools to help your clients release their stored trauma, get in touch with their emotions, and take charge of their own lives.

My name is Megan Macpherson Jones, and I am your Instructor, Steam Queen, Founder of Yes God Wellness & Yes God University.

I love empowering people to heal by going within. 

I started my own journey with steaming after a traumatic birth experience left me feeling lost, vulnerable, disconnected from my body, and in deep pain. I was looking for something to relieve my symptoms. I wanted OUT of my body. Western Medicine had not provided me with the healing that I was desperately seeking. I discovered steaming, honestly hoping to find a way to disconnect from my pain. Instead what I found was a deeply transformative healing modality that led me to pure EMBODIMENT.

I was able to not only relieve the symptoms of my birth trauma, but begin releasing the trauma I had been unconsciously storing from all my life experiences. I was able to lovingly process my pain, step into my true power and begin freeing myself from the negative patterns I was stuck in. 

Now, I live a deep and fulfilling life, helping other womxn discover their own power. I want you to be able to help others too.

It is my goal to spread the deep power of womb healing. Let me teach you how to deeply impact your community through this powerful ancient healing modality.

Steaming has become more popular in recent years, but often the profound potential of this ancient practice ends up lost amongst the trendy hype. Steaming is being co-opted as yet another fad beauty regime, when in fact it has the power to facilitate immense healing.

Discover the Transformative Power of

Womb Steaming


Let’s face it, Western Medicine does NOT do a good job of caring for women or womb health. Too many women have horror stories of their pain and discomfort being dismissed. Their symptoms explained away, or even caused by unnecessary surgery or medications and as a result suffer exacerbated trauma and ongoing pain and discomfort.

Western Medicine takes an isolating "symptoms first" approach to health. We have gotten away from the ancient traditions before patriarchy and the systematic capitalistic interested got involved in "healthcare".

Too many women are left with the health of their wombs in the hands of doctors who routinely don’t hear their concerns, don’t listen to their pain, and too often recommend hysterectomies to remedy their female patients' issues. 


Womb Steaming is a holistic approach to overall health, based in ancient feminine wisdom. Not only does it have the potential to relieve a myriad of physical symptoms, it also promotes overall emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Womb Steaming is a doorway to finding alignment, self empowerment, and deep healing.

What if you could relieve the physical symptoms your patients struggle with while helping them to release trauma and find spiritual and emotional fulfillment?


  • You want to be able to help women reconnect with themselves to transform their lives.
  • You want to create a lasting impact on others, helping them reach their highest potential.
  • You are called to heal others and help them meet their highest self.

The Yes God Wellness Womb Steaming Certification will provide you with the tools you need to transform your community for the better.

This certification program will teach you to help your clients:

  • Energetically release  traumatic experiences
  • Establishing a deeper connection with their divine authentic self
  • Reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation
  • Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, while working to maintain healthy odor
  • Regulate irregular, prolonged or absent menstrual cycles
  • Decrease excessive menstrual flow
  • Naturally manage their menopausal symptoms
  • Promote hormonal alignment 
  • Assist with fertility
  • Help relieve uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse and endometriosis.
  • Assist with the repair of a vaginal tear or Episiotomy
  • Assist with the healing of Hemorrhoids.
  • Detoxify of  the womb and removal of  toxins from the body.

You will learn:

  • The principles of womb steaming
  • Herbs used in the process, their benefits and what to use for each client
  • The emotional work of steaming, how to walk your clients through releasing and processing trauma
  • The spiritual work of steaming. How to help your clients get in touch with their higher self to create a more fulfilling life

The Yes God Wellness Steam Coach Certification Program is an Interactive and Intensive Course that will provide you with everything you need to begin your own holistic health practice.


When you join the program you will receive:

  • 3 Major Modules - Fundamentals, Steam Practitioner & Steam Coach
  • 12 Comprehensive Sessions 
  • Weekly Q&A Meetings where you can ask questions and connect with your classmates
  • Access to all replays of the live content 
  • Assignments to gage comprehension and understanding
  • Reference sheets and examples for you to work on in your free time
  • Personal access to Megan for clarification on any concept taught
  • Access to the Womb Steaming Certification Group, where you can connect with your fellow classmates and ask questions

The curriculum includes but is not limited to:


Level 1 - Fundamentals


Session 1 - Energy 101 - Happy, Sad, Neutral

Session 2 - Becoming a Camera - Self Awareness 

Session 3 - Hiding in Plain Sight  - Internal Resources

Session 4 - Choices Galore - Alternative Holistic Health Practices


Level 2 - Steam Practitioner


Session 5 - Digging into  Dis-Ease - Common Uterine Conditions

Session 6  - Steaming Herbs, Blending, Benefits

Session 7  - Healing Womb Trauma - Accessing the Invisible Ailments

Session 8 - What does a healthy womb look like? - Womb Anatomy and Healthy Uterine Cycles 

Level 3 - Steam Coach


Session 9 - Setting Up Sacred Space\Session 

Session 10 - Listening to Serve 

Session 11 - Getting Down To Business

Session 12 - Mock Practice


This program has 4 payment options.

Option 1: Full Payment is $2,999,00 USD

Option 2: Payment Plan is 4 Monthly Payments of $777

Option 3: Purchase Each Module Separately for $1000 

Option 4: Purchase Each Module Separately with Payment Plan of $344 for 3 months